Maheen Sohail

I am a Product Designer working at the intersection of AI, AR and VR. Currently, I work on the AI New X team at Facebook, where I conceptualize new product opportunities with AI at the center. Prior to this, I was a Lead Designer at Oculus; helping build the future of Social VR. I helped build Facebook’s first two social VR experiences: Facebook Horizon and Facebook Spaces. I also designed for immersive media formats like 360 and 3D photos/videos.

Outside of work, I am an avid storyteller and love experimenting with various techniques; e.g. design travel guides in the form of short films, documentaries on design/architecture, a podcast on identity, and AI enabled experiments for enhanced storytelling. 

Below you can check out some of my publicly available projects.

Lead Product Designer at Facebook (AI New Experiences)


Lead Product Designer at Oculus (Identity & Self Expression)


Lead Product Designer on Facebook Horizon


Product Designer on Facebook Spaces


Product Designer for 360 & Immersive Media


Associate UX Designer on FIFA 16 & FIFA Mobile