side projects

In my free time I love to produce videos. I believe video has a unique way of story telling, and once you pair that up with visual design (such as kinetic typography) the power of videos becomes apparent and immense.








john maeda

The honorary Dr. John Maeda, was attending Simon Fraser University's graduation reception. As the president of the student union of the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University, I knew this was too great of an opportunity to miss out on. Taking quick action, I contacted John Maeda's assistant, organized an event where students could watch the interview in person and live, and provided an edited version online that students can view later. His interview benefited a lot of students, as it addressed many questions related to the industry.



20 years of tech - bctia

Founded in 1994 by the BCTIA, "the Technology Impact Awards celebrate the successes of the industry and companies, people and innovation that continue to put British Columbia on the map." We participated in a video challenge for the awards, and won first place. Other than winning a cash prize of $300, the video was the opening act for the BCTIA Technology Impact Awards ceremony.




Rosa, a talented and bright student, wanted to gain the attention of her dream company: Everlane. By producing this video, we worked hard in trying to achieve the "Everlane" look and incorporate it's brand into the video. Her campaign #RosaForEverlane spread like wildfire, and caught Everlane's attention within one day!