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Team: AJ Panghulan, Amanda Poh, Briana Lee, Kimberly Chan 

Role: UX, Project Manager, Research, Motion Design, Video Editor

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Axure

The Pitch 

RISE is an application that allows Shangri-La customers to collect inspirations from settings in their daily lives, and to apply those in their hotel room effortlessly. It allows users to customize and adjust their room according to their tastes and needs, at the right time. 


Business Problem

"Dedication to human to human hospitality has caused Shangri-La to lag behind its competitors in the technology sector" 

After doing in-depth research, we realized that Shangri-la’s unique hospitality revolves around human to human interaction in customer service; as a result of which it has failed to develop meaningful digital experiences. Hence, we propose a service that can provide a digital experience in an area where in-person customer service is not present: the hotel room. 







Competitor Analysis

A competitive analysis showed that digital platforms developed by the majority of Shangri-la’s competitors focus on moving their services from in person to online. Our service, on the other hand, differentiates Shangri-la from it’s competitors by implementing technology based on the “Internet of Things” which involves automation and connectivity of all devices. This is a technology not yet implemented in the hospitality industry, giving Shangri-la the chance to move into a more modern and dynamic position. 


Journey Framework



Business & CUSTOMER Value




After several iteractions through different ideas, our goal became more apparent. We wanted to produce something that can enhance the Shangri-La's customer experience at every single touch point. We also took a very close look at micro-interactions and how can we simplify this complicated process, into one that is only a click away. 




This project helped me develop my critical design thinking skills. It required a key understanding of the Shangri-La business, current technology, and most importantly; the people. 

Throughout this project we would often find ourselves falling into traps. One of the biggest lessons I learned was knowing how and when to change an approach once an idea is not working out. Being able to do that allowed us to create RISE.