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Team: Bruce Beh, Dilara Dinc, Alex Honeywell,  Justin Lee, Josh Mcgee

Role: Infographics, Prototyping, Post Production 

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, SketchUp, Blender




We were assigned four spaces around the Olympic Sculpture park in Seattle, Washington. The challenge was to choose a site and create a space that can help add value to the surrounding areas. This project was an extension of a 48 hour Design Charrette that we placed first in.




site analysis

After conducting a SWOT analysis, we chose a site that was a barren area between the Olympic Sculpture park and an area accumulated by businesses. However the biggest challenge of the area is the train that passes by through the site.













PARTI & PRogram

The basic concept of our building that of "a fabric moving through boxes". It helped us iterate our form and strengthen it's program. 

The functions of the spaces inside the building were just as important in our process. The program experience helped us develop several of our design decisions. We wanted a seamless flow throughout the building, in order to connect the experiences.










Throughout our renders, as shown on the right, a lot of careful design decisions can seen. We paid close attention to all the details, for example providing places to sit and stay, or opportunities to see. The goal was to create a building for people, something that can connect the Olympic sculpture park to the businesses on the other side. I believe we were able to achieve this goal, as a result of which we were all able to strengthen our critical thinking in design.