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International Charitable Association


Role: Co-founder, Vice-President, Project Manager, Marketing Director

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Hootsuite, Premiere Pro

"LET'S is enabling a new way to reach consumers at home and in the eloping world; with a powerful, low cost, socially progressive approach that raises brand awareness and business success."




The problem: When calamities occur, the world responds by providing food, clothing, shelter and monetary aid. Though the focus of these issues is of dire importance, their permanence is short-lived.

Solution: After countless amounts of research it is evident that the best way to help communities stabilize themselves is to provide them with the ultimate key to success: education.


Co-founded with Saadan Sulehri, I was involved in the process of building this charity from the ground up. I believe technology can greatly influence the spread of good quality education in developing countries. It is an opportunity that the world still needs to exploit in order to work towards a brighter future.

2014 Accomplishments: LET’S has a strong relationship in the developing world and is still expanding. 2 teams, 3 chapters, of volunteers raising funds to build schools in developing countries. We have a partnership set up with Bikes4Humanity and are working on technology related projects in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana.

     Above:  Temporary website for LET'S ICA. I made careful changes to provide ease of use.   Below:   Presentation slides about the proposed location of a school, for our donor.


Above: Temporary website for LET'S ICA. I made careful changes to provide ease of use.

Below: Presentation slides about the proposed location of a school, for our donor.

roles in detail


Management: As a Vice-President, I have been managing most of the projects mentioned above as well as the various chapters that LET’S has.


Branding, Design and Multimedia: I’ve created promotional print materials and videos, worked on the social media presence for LET’S, created presentations for our clients and am currently working on the UI of the new website as well.


Research and Presentations: Alongside designing presentations, I research site details for our presentations to the donors


Web and Social Media: Our main website is under construction right now, however, I modified the existing website as well, to provide a more seamless interaction for our audience. Currently managing a team for the 2015 marketing campaign.





Build A School: Our first school is being built in Pakistan, based on the request of the donor. We started by hiring a team in Pakistan, did some potential site research and proposed it to our generous donor. The next steps involved a final site tour, budget proposal and finally construction

LET'S Chapters: LET’S has opened chapters in Universities to get more student involvement. Our first Chapter was in University of British Columbia, and our second chapter is currently being set up in Simon Fraser University.


LET'S Takhti: Using the power of self-organized learning LET'S is providing cheap tablets to communities. Research shows that an iPad or Android enables access to education. It bridges the gap between developed and developing counties due to lack availability of education resources. The Takhti projects is not only restricted to schools. In fact, these tables are being programmed to be used by the community. These can be used to collect data about health, the environment and the myriad needs of the community.

Curriculum Project: Researching on education and the best fit curriculum for the schools that LET’S is building. These require careful analysis of the culture the school is being built in.


More about LET'S Takhti

Takhti is an attempt to extend the educational resources in developing countries, with very limited amount of infrastructure available. This device behaves as a stand-alone webserver, serving educational material over wifi. All the resources that populate Takhti can be accessed from this device, in the same fashion as we surf over internet – using web browsers, over wifi.

Takhti is made up of a small computer called “Raspberry Pi”, with a 700MHz ARM1176jZF-S Core processor, 512MB RAM and Broadcom VideoCore IV @ 250MHz.


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