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Team: Kimberly Chan, Nathan Lam, Briana Lee, Amanda Poh

Role: Prototyping, Concept development, post-production 

Tools: Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Materials for prototyping



brief & concept 

Our brief was simple: create a product that is inline with Danese Milano. As a result of adding our own constraints, we created the Brass Rack; an aluminum and steel rack, made of a thin frame, purposed for dual functionality. 





We wanted to create a clothing rack that can accommodate space based on your need. This is done with a simple action of splitting open the frame. The frame can also completely close to provide hassle free storage. The brass rack contains a magnetic steel within it which allows storage bins to be attached on the outside. 




feasible, viable &


The frame is easy to mass produce due to its cheap and minimal use of materials. It is sustainable in the long run due to the selection of materials and how space efficient it is. And because it has the ability to fit into multiple environments while maintaining its aesthetic appeal, it is very desirable! 




We went through several iterations to create the Brass rack by using post it notes, sketches, wires and foam models.

We also put careful consideration into the kinds of materials to be used. This was essential in ensuring a clothing rack that can maintain its aesthetic appeal while being strong in it's functionality as well.




I believe the attached bins could use more work. Such a clothing rack seems better situated in a retail space, so further explorations into the retail space and it's functionality specific to that can help improve the project further. 


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